A morning routine for more focus, energy and productivity

A powerful morning routine

  • A powerful morning routine
  • Benefits of a morning routine

A morning routine can be very beneficial to your mental and physical health. It’s a powerful start to the day that immediately sets the tone for the whole day. It gives you a big boost in energy, focus and productivity. A good powerful morning routine is one that suits you. One that gives you a lot of energy. Creating a morning routine takes time. For example, if you want to wake up at 06:00, but you are not used to this yet. Then this will not work in one go. You need patience and willpower to make it a habit. Once you can consistently wake up at 6am, you can move on to the next part of your morning routine. You also have to be realistic in this and find a balance. For example, use your morning routine during the week and be more flexible on the weekend. If you have a night out or you just want to relax, then it is of course normal that you let yourself sleep in for once. Is it Monday again? Then pick up your routine again for an effective routine.

Benefits of a morning routine

When you start building your morning routine, each part should have a clear goal and mission. With this you give it more power and vision. So it will be 10X more effectively. You can think of a morning routine as schedule that you created for yourself where you uplift the day, get more en feel more energy to go through the day. It then becomes like a strong, healthy fun habit to play with. It’s like going to the gym with a good feeling afterwards. That’s also how a morning routine works. That’s why I personally think it will be really great for you.
Every part of the morning routine has a small win. The purpose of getting up early is to go with the biological clock to wake up fresh and fruity. This will make you even stronger, sharper and fitter for the day. By making your bed you have already completed your small task. This gives a dopamine shot and a satisfied feeling. A small victory. The small wins become big wins and you can keep building. This is just the beginning of a good morning routine. Get creative and enjoy the process as you build a morning routine.
2023 is just around the corner. Let’s go for it. Become the best version of yourself. Both the body and the mind. Let it flow.


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