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I found Bachduy through Instagram via via. At that moment I was in a slump, so I hadn’t worked out for a while and had gained a lot of weight. And I really wanted to pick up the thread again, but I didn’t know how and needed a helping hand. In the end I had chosen to contact Bachduy, I am also very glad that I did. Bachduy immediately gave me a very relaxed and open feeling, which I have experienced during my entire process (and still do). I think he listens very well to you and comes across as very positive. In my opinion I have learned a lot of new things from him in the field of nutrition, fitness but also mindset.

By staying positive and steadfast you get results. One or more lesser experiences should not immediately lead to a negative attitude towards everything. You have to learn from this and this is of course easier said than done, but because Bachduy helps you with this, you can take this with you for the future when you have to do it yourself at some point. Something I really liked is that he constantly reminds you why you do it and for whom you do it. You do it for none other than yourself. So you learn very well to satisfy yourself and not the ‘trainer’ in this case. I was very happy with my results. The exercises were challenging and I also liked the nutrition schedules, maybe not dishes that I would quickly choose myself, but I got the basics and I still use them. In short, you learn skills that you can continue to use after your trajectory. I would certainly recommend Bachduy, he is an enthusiastic trainer who will certainly be happy to help you on your way.



“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen