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I had a very nice experience with BNfitness and Bachduy as a coach. Bachduy is someone with a lot of drive and passion and his positive mindset is contagious! I needed a push in the back, someone who could give me personal guidance in the process and I found that at BNfitness. Bachduy is always there for you, he is very open and really emphasizes that you do it together. This also ensures a better and more personal bond, which is very important. The BNfitness program has made me move more, I have gained new insights and I have also become more aware of nutrition. With Bachduy’s program you really learn so much more than just fitness, all 4 elements mentioned in the program are actually addressed through weekly challenges to get the most out of yourself. At the end of the program you are actually prepared to continue on your own which is very nice, but there are also options to continue with other programs. In my opinion, that makes BNfitness versatile and challenging and something I would recommend to anyone if you are looking for a diverse and challenging fitness program with an enthusiastic coach like Bachduy!


“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen