Transformation & Review Trieu

Shredding Down



Fat Loss



I followed Bachduy’s Sapphire program and my goal was to lose 7 kg, eventually this became 10 kg. I have experienced Bachduy’s coaching very well, he is clear and you can see that he really makes an effort so that you achieve your goal.

Bachduy has shared his knowledge about nutrition, mindset, training and recovery with me, which has enabled me to make great leaps in personal development, fitness and in the kitchen! The nutrition plans are also very tasty! Despite the fact that you eat below your calorie requirement, Bachduy managed to keep me satiated for a longer period of time with his delicious recipes!

At the end of the week you send progress photos and you have a weekly call with Bachduy to go through the week, what went well, what could be better and what are we going to do in the coming week. This really helps to keep you motivated.

To the people who want to work on a healthier lifestyle, but you don’t know exactly how to go about this yet? I recommend talking to Bachduy, he is THE man you need to achieve your goals.


“The climb to the fittest version of yourself”

~ Bachduy Nguyen