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I came across Bachduy on instagram and the first thing I noticed there is a very positive person. What is nice about Bachduy is that you can always ask him anything, even if you are not being coached by him yet. I also had a few questions and that’s how we got to talking.

I’ve always been someone who did a lot of sports and really like this, but never had the knowledge and experience how to deal with the other aspects such as nutrition. What is very nice about Bachduy’s program is that you are guided on the basis of all aspects. You think that it is mainly sport that is decisive, but that is not the case. Through the 4 elements: brain, nutrients, strength training and relaxation you will be coached to the goal you have. This works very nicely.

If you take the step to participate in the program, which you will not regret, you start with an intake. It is important that you know who the other is and where your good points and shortcomings lie. This is done by means of an extensive inboarding form, so take your time because this is important. When you have finally sent this back to Bachduy, he will start working for you based on your wishes.

In the 12-week program you will be guided and you will always have a video call on Sunday. Here you discuss how the week went and what will happen next week. The conversation focuses on the 4 elements and every week you go deeper into this. You will receive a very nice and extensive handout before you start, this is a nice reference. In the beginning, Bachduy does a lot in terms of nutrition schedules and training schedules. As you progress in the program, you are expected to be able to do this yourself with the help of Bachduy. It is important that after the program you can get started with the tools you have learned. I really like this because you learn the most by doing it yourself.

Somewhere in the program you meet yourself, this can be 1 x or more. This is really not bad and very human. This also happened to me because sometimes I wanted to be too hard on myself, but it is also important that you learn to deal with different situations. If there’s a party or an important event don’t be too hard on yourself and enjoy it, it’s all about balance in the end.

I am very satisfied with my result, I could not have achieved this alone! I wanted to lose weight and I lost 8.5 kg in 12 weeks without too much effort. You feel better and healthier and really proud of what you achieve in a relatively short period of time. Based on your wishes and goals you will be really super guided!

If you are in doubt whether you want to do this, I can tell you that this has given me a lot. For my own development and you really learn something from it. You get to know your body, but also how you can eventually continue after the 12 weeks. Bachduy is a super inspiring, motivating coach who will always assist you. You are in contact with each other through calling, whatsapp, instagram and email and he will always answer you. So don’t hesitate and take that step to achieve a fitter and healthier body through a healthier lifestyle!


“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen