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“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

This is the best way I can describe the BNfitness Sapphire Program I followed at Bachduy. Bachduy is not someone who gives you a schedule and then leaves you to fend for yourself, no, definitely not. Based on weekly conversations where I could recap my week together with Bachduy, we discussed matters that got in my way and we always looked for solutions together. I learned so much from him this way about certain things that have to do with fitness as well as the little side issues that you wouldn’t even think about at first glance.

Going deeper into the program itself, you get what you expect, and more. In addition to providing you with nutritional and training schedules, Bachduy also helps you develop a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset. This is where the quote with which I started this review really comes into play. I think this is something that sets him apart from other personal trainers. He not only helps you move forward physically, but also mentally. The great thing is that Bachduy doesn’t force a certain ideology or anything like that on you, but simply helps you build certain healthy habits that are specially adapted to you. This way you can continue to develop long after the program has ended. In any case, you have built a solid foundation with which you can do what you want.

Lastly, Bachduy himself is a very passionate person who loves what he does. The positive vibes he gave off constantly motivated me whenever I needed it. He himself is always ready as a rock for when you need to fall back on him. He treats everyone like a friend and not like you’re just another customer (of course he also remains professional). All in all, Bachduy is really a winner! 🙂


“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen