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Losing Weight



Losing Weight



I think it’s been at least five years since I weighed under 70kg. 12 weeks of training and eating with Bachduy helped me to easily break this limit. By easy I don’t mean it’s not hard, but if you do what Bachduy tells you for 12 weeks, it’s impossible that you won’t reach your goal. Bachduy knows a lot about business. At the onboarding form, at the start of your journey, you indicate what you like or don’t like, how much you want and can exercise, what your goals are and what your personal motivation is. He will work with this in detail and then give you an E-Book at the start of the program, which he has made himself. In the e-book he describes his working method and you get a lot of information about what the twelve weeks will look like. It is very in-depth and not superficial information.

The recipes that Bachduy makes are tasty, easy and very affordable (also as a student). In the final phase there was a dish that I didn’t like very much, but with all the tools I learned from Bachduy I was able to create a good replacement meal myself. In addition, Bachduy has ensured that my alcohol consumption is down. But, Bachduy taught me how to fit unhealthy things into my schedule without affecting my body. You soon find out that it’s all about balance.

In addition to all the training and nutrition schedules he gives you, he also holds you responsible for your goals. He often texts you during the week to ask how things are going with food and training and if you have any questions. In addition, you have to send a weighing moment to Bachduy twice a week and you have a call every Sunday to discuss your progress. This helps more than you think!

I look back on the twelve weeks with great satisfaction. It has ensured that I have adopted a much healthier lifestyle. Even now that I’ve been done for 1.5 weeks I’ve taken over the habits and I’m making much healthier choices. I will continue to train with a goal and will definitely embark on the lean bulk adventure with Bachduy in September. It was worth every euro!


“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen