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Before joining Bachduy’s Sapphire program, I dealt with quite a lot of shit, I had a bad accident that made things harder for me physically and mentally. And I had 2 hernias that made my back very weak, I then rehabilitated for a while and luckily made a little progress. When I found the strength to follow my passion (sports) again I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I ran into bachduy again after a while and he started to explain everything in detail what I could expect when I started his program, he knew about my situation and was very eager to help me. So I decided to ask Bachduy for help.

There were things I couldn’t do like: some exercises, running/running etc. that was annoying and the whole situation also gave me less motivation. but bachduy kept me motivated every week because of the weekly call I had, if I was worried about something or felt it was getting too much for me, we found a way out of this together and I was still able to achieve my goals, even Although it seemed impossible to me, I succeeded with his help.

I lost 23 kilos in 36 weeks and now live with a healthy lifestyle that I’ve kept, because that’s also 1 of the many things I’ve learned. I still use his feeding schedules because they are very tasty and I am very satisfied with them. If there was something in those nutrition schedules that I would rather change, that was no problem either. Not only have I become physically stronger, but mentally everything has also only improved.

Bachduy is a person with a lot of knowledge. I learned a lot and I’m glad I started with him! I’m far from done with my journey and I’m going to take many steps.



“The climb to the fittest version of yourself.”

~ Bachduy Nguyen