What do you need for a fit and strong body?

A fit and strong body

  • A fit and strong body
  • Your goal
  • The tools and features
  • Patience, discipline and perseverance
On the way to building a muscular physique, there are many aspects to consider. It is important to know that a powerful, fit and strong physique is an athletic build. This means that you radiate strength, confidence and fitness. You are able to push away a lot of power while remaining flexible and agile enough for fast and dynamic movements. You are fit and built for real life. Faster, better, stronger and smarter.
The foundation of such a physique is: a chiseled square pectoral muscle trained from each side. Shoulders where the side, or the delts, has a powerful circular 3D shape. These run larger in size and line up nicely with your biceps and triceps. Your biceps have a hilly shape and your triceps have a ”croissant” look. The back muscle steals the show with a V-shape in the lats. The trapezius or the traps are lined with the rear delts filled to the side and above. The six pack and core also come into focus with your legs finishing with full quads, glutes and hamstrings. The finishing touch on such a physique is the calves that you want to have just like the biceps. As you read, building such a physical is a true work of art. Such a body type is also known as the beach body and a dream physique for every man.

Your goals

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Another foundation that is important in a muscular physique. Is that with this muscular body, you also maintain your muscle condition and flexibility. Let’s be honest, what good is such a physique if you can’t do much with it. You then only have the looks, but not the functionalities of the muscle groups. Therefore, in forming your objective you will have to take those points into building a decorated physical. You obviously start with an objective that is at a realistic level for you as an individual. Start with a goal such as: I want to lose -6 kg in 12 weeks or I want to gain 4 kg in fat and muscle mass. The trick here is to make your objective even more thorough. This way you create a vision that makes it easier to achieve. An example: I want to lose -6 kg so that I feel fitter, more energetic and more confident. I can then do even more things such as going out without having energy or I can enjoy food even more because I have become stronger. These are goals that are strongly substantiated. This makes your vision stronger and sharper because you also get to work with it mentally.
The moment you reach your goal of -6KG. You go to the next level of creating a muscular physique. You look at your weaker muscle groups and focus on an even more powerful training schedule. As you can see, setting goals is crucial in the journey to your muscular physique.


The tools and features

Once you have set your realistic goals, you can make a plan of action. The tools and properties you need for a muscular physique are: your mentality, your nutrition, your training and your recovery. These four powerful elements together form the fundamental basis for your results. It is important to have a good nutrition and training schedule that gives a big boost to achieve your goals. If you don’t have a plan yet and a firm footing, you can quickly get lost in none of your objectives. You can’t see any results because of this and you give up. Never give up and then adjust your plan. This is the mindset you must have. As soon as you have the basic structures and you see the results coming, you will end up in a flow that you want and will stick to. This is again the vision that is reinforced with why you do it, who you do it for and what you do it for. Add your recovery and boom! You will be able to open your wings for maximum results. Your muscular physique will be created in this way and you will find yourself getting stronger, fitter, better and faster. You go one step up to the next level every time!

Patience, discipline and perseverance

Mindset plays a crucial role in creating a muscular physique. If you set your goal and you don’t have much experience with this yet, you will go down on your face. This is part of the process, so that you learn to fall and get up. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day either. It takes time once, but the time you invest in it will pay you back so much in the long run. Be patient in the process and work on your self-discipline and perseverance. These are skills that you don’t see. It’s not materialistic. They are character traits that you build by taking action that are necessary for a muscular physique. Step by step you will get there. So never give up and keep going! Your muscular physique awaits you that will benefit you more than you think.

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