About BNfitness

Our story, mission & empowerment


The core elements and characteristic colors of BNfitness

bnfitness emerald logo groen



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The basis of the BNfitness logos are inspired by the world we currently live in. And what we need to survive. Our planet Earth. A globe where nature and people come together. To make the place we live in a lot healthier, fitter, stronger and more pleasant. However, we still live in a world where there is still so much to gain for the individual in the field of fitness, natural health and personal growth. In other words, your health, body & mind. From this, BNfitness has grown and is ready for the individuals who want to climb to their top. The fitness looks, the natural character and the dreams from the materialistic world come together as one. This is reflected in the color combinations with the matching elements and vision that the individual carries with him or her. That with the right elements and guidance, all their dreams, health and fitness can be realized. You will come into harmony both mentally and physically and experience the forces towards the best version of yourself. Together they form the basic elements, vision and principles of a powerful, healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle.

The story of Bachduy Nguyen and BNfitness

Health, body & mind

The founder of BNfitness is Bachduy Nguyen and with his great passion for sports and health, he has created a vision that allows him to coach, motivate and inspire many people. He graduated in fitness trainer A and has built up his knowledge and experience at various gyms and organizations. Such as at Road2Fit and Sokudo Gym. Bachduy is known for coaching individuals and groups to help them reach the next level, both physically and mentally. With his expertise in mindset, nutrition, training and recovery, he coaches people for results to be healthier, more confident, more positive and fitter in life. And that it is powerful to start working on your fitness and health during a difficult period in your life. Because this is what Bachduy also did. It got him where he needs to be now. Stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the character traits of BNiftness. Largely by stepping out of the comfort zone, Bachduy has been able to take his own lifestyle to the next level. Bachduy started playing sports at an early age and was always involved in various activities such as running, kung-fu and football. Over the years he found a new sport and that was fitness and strength training. This kept him going during the more difficult periods of his life. This allowed him to build the foundation of his own results and mindset. 


BNfitness transformatie

“Your health, mind & body is the basic key to success. It keeps you sharp, focused and strong through the difficult times of your life.”

– Bachduy Nguyen

Healthier, stronger, fitter & more confident

Bachduy describes the experiences that fitness and health brought him as ”exceptional”. ”When I started fitness I didn’t know where to start. I was in a dark period with myself in which I still had a lot to process. I had to rediscover myself, make myself healthier and more powerful. Because that didn’t make me happy, fit, healthy and more confident. A fresh, new period began in which I started trying new things in the field of fitness, health and lifestyle. This is how I discovered that strength training, healthy nutrition, good sleep and, above all, building a powerful mindset was the key to what I was looking for. It had the biggest and most positive impact on my entire way of life. It certainly wasn’t easy, but that’s what it’s all about. It is the climb to it where you get to know yourself better. It’s all about making progress, even if it is only 1% every day. Fall and rise. See which training, nutrition, sleep and thinking patterns suit me. Adjusting, fine-tuning and striving and living towards it every day. As the investment and time progressed I became better, more confident and stronger. I made progress on my health, body & mind. And then I knew for sure. This has gotten me out of my dark and difficult times and keeps me on the right path to the best version of myself. And with this best version I want to help as many men and women as possible to achieve their results. To get you out of your dark periods, with the experiences that I also had to walk through. To build a lifestyle that suits you for your best health, body & mind.

“Focus on making daily progress. Even if it is only 1%. The small steps lead to beautiful and powerful destinations. ”

– Bachduy Nguyen

Our ultimate mission

Making men and women fitter, more confident and stronger through the powers of healthy nutrition and the functioning of your own body and mindset. With varied fitness and health programs, coaching and personal training, we want to make a statement that it does not have to be that difficult to achieve results. You just need the right vision and coaching about a lifestyle that suits you. What you like and what you don’t. You don’t go on a diet, but you build a lifestyle that includes unhealthy food, eating out and having fun. That you learn to pursue your dreams and that you build a character based on confidence, positivity, discipline and perseverance. 


BNfitness Atlethes

An individual who aims for the fittest, best and strongest version of her or himself.
Who creates a lifestyle in which there is a consistent pursuit of growth, progression and all dreams come true
that the individual has been pursuing. The individual is aware and realistic of her or his goals, potential and current lifestyle.
He or she knows better than anyone that you have to be patient in the process. That you must take action to achieve these goals.
That you have to fail to achieve that success. That you take the steps, both mentally and physically, to understand yourself better so that you know what you need. That fitness and health are the basis for everything you want to achieve in life. The four ultimate elements: mindset, nutrition, training and recovery methods become the basic foundation for building a powerful lifestyle.
Consistent analysis and optimization ensures the ultimate breakthrough for achieving your next level life.
And the BNfitness athletes know this like no other. They push themselves to the next level of fitness, health and life potential. It doesn’t matter where they come from. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, you dare to step out of your comfort zone and are willing to learn a lot for maximum growth. They know this is a lifestyle for life.
Persevere and never give up to make it a lifestyle for the success you dream of.



I believe in challenging human characteristics so that you can build the strongest, fittest body & mind. Receiving the right coaching, vision and qualities that leads to action to achieve all your fitness goals. The way BNfitness is presented is a vision that makes it simple and refined to pursue your dreams and goals.
Become the best version of yourself.